Moeraki Boulders Photos

Photo gallery of the Moeraki Boulders

Moeraki Boulders by Oliver Dietschi

Thanks to Oliver Dietschi for submitting this spectacular image

Stunning Moeraki Boulders at Sunrise

Stunning Moeraki Boulders at sunrise

Tourist standing on the moeraki boulders

HDR Moeraki Boulders photo

Moeraki boulders at high tide

Moeraki boulders silhouettes

Moeraki Boulders black and white by jopetsy

Moeraki boulders by Brendon Gloistein

Moeraki Boulders by Michael Dawes

Moeraki boulders by Tim Musson

Moeraki boulders crack

Moeraki boulders - fading light at sunset

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16 thoughts on “Moeraki Boulders Photos

  1. Hi anyone out there with some very high resolution and high megapixels photos of the boulders. I would love to see them and use one if anyone’s happy to share. My wife and I have just been to the boulders and taken pics ,we are from the top of the north island of nz . Our pics weren’t good enough resolution to enlarge to a 3metre wide by 800 high picture.
    We are wanting to feature this in our house. If anyone’s got some great ones of sum rises Sun sets daytime or just on disk shots of the boulders .
    Regards G and M

  2. We found boulders like this in the middle of Kansas it was hard to imagine the sea and waves then your picture thank you. Bob

  3. I am trying to send one of my photos but it keeps saying email address is not a valid address… I am a technophobe so I may be doing something wrong. Could you please clarify your address for me please.

    Thank you

    • Hi Jane
      Thanks for wanting to share your photos! You will need to remove the spaces and replace “at” with an “@” symbol: admin at This is to help prevent spam to the website. Let me know if you have any problems. Thank you again for your contribution.

  4. My wife and I visited the boulders mid-October 2013 and took high resolution photos (50) which show their different features, some with astounding effect. We are happy to email a few for use on the site if you wish to consider having them. The photos are not displayed on the above Google Plus website. We live in Vermont USA and have some nearby interesting geologic features but nothing to compare with your boulders in our opinion.

  5. Hi,
    Here Holland,
    Our son and daughter in law with her child Carmen are at the moment at the moeraki boulders.They are travelling in New Sealand for two month now. This morning We rechieved a wonderfull photo off our little (1,5 year) grandchild sitting on a moeraki boulder!
    I will try to send this photo to You!
    Friendly regards from Wim & Tilly,

  6. Would love to share some images from my visit last month! Please let me know how to share 🙂
    Thank you!

  7. Hi there

    My partner and I visited the Moeraki Boulders in July 2010 and I have taken a number of photos. Would love to share them with you.

    Please advise process to send them and will do so.



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