Milford Sound

If you’re spending more time on the stunning South Island, then Milford Sound provides the opportunity to see some of New Zealand’s most iconic and fascinating landscapes. So if you plan to head further south after visiting the boulders, it’s well worth considering visiting Milford Sound and the surrounding region. The amount of time you have to spend there will determine how much you can see. Much of the region is rugged and remote, but there are still fantastic opportunities even for the shortest stays to see some of the best that NZ has to offer.

Milford Sound Cruises

Cruising around Milford Sound is the best way to appreciate the stunning landforms and atmosphere. From the water you can view spectacular waterfalls and the luscious forests that grow on the rugged cliffs.

Cruises in and around Milford Sound range from those lasting just a couple of hours, to overnight cruises on luxury boats.

Pride of Milford cruise boat

Pride of Milford cruise boat

Milford Wanderer cruise boat

Milford Wanderer cruise boat

MV Sinbad boat

MV Sinbad boat

MV Milford Haven boat

MV Milford Haven boat

Cruise boat at Milford Sound

Cruise boat at Milford Sound

Kayaking at Milford Sound

Fine Tours New Zealand run a half day sea kayak experience starting out at Deep Water Basin. They take you out on the water where you’ll have extraordinary views of Mitre Peak and the Bowen Falls. A picnic lunch is included in the price of the kayak tour, as well as a short stop for lunch at a beach of the weather allows.
Find out more about this tour here

Milford Sound Walking, Hiking & Tramping

The Milford Track is one of the most famous and popular walks in New Zealand. It’s also considered to be one of the best wilderness tracks in the world and many people travel to the South Island specifically to hike the Milford Track.

The track is 53.5km in length one way which takes 4 days to walk and involves sleeping in huts along the way.

However there’s no need to think you have to miss out if you don’t see yourself as a marathon walker, because parts of the track are easily accessible…

Guided walks on parts of the Milford Track are available from a number of companies. These allow you to see some spectacular scenery under the guidance of a local expert.

Milford Sound Scenic Flights

Milford Sound from the air

Seeing Milford Sound from the air is a breathtaking experience!

Milford Sound Weather

Milford Sound is one of the highest rainfall locations in the world!

Rainfall is the reason for the beauty of the region. Without all that rain, there would be none of the spectacular waterfalls which Fiordland is famous for and which are one of the main reasons people visit Milford Sound and Fiordland.

All visitors to Milford Sound should be prepared for rain, but certainly don’t let it dampen your experience. Instead, take it in as part of the magical Milford Sound experience.

Embrace the rain and mist while in Milford Sound, for that is what makes this place so special and atmospheric.

Milford Sound shrouded in cloud and mist

Milford Sound shrouded in cloud and mist. Photo by Herry Lawford

Milford Sound on a sunny day

It’s not always raining at Milford Sound – and it’s spectacular when the sun is shining. Photo by
Christine Wagner


Lush rain forests cling precariously to these cliffs, while seals, penguins, and dolphins frequent the waters and whales can be seen sometimes. The sound has been identified as an Important Bird Area by BirdLife International because it is a breeding site for Fiordland penguins


Milford Sound sports two permanent waterfalls all year round, Lady Bowen Falls and Stirling Falls.[8] After heavy rain however, many hundreds of temporary waterfalls can be seen running down the steep sided rock faces that line the fiord. They are fed by rain water drenched moss and will last a few days at most once the rain stops.

Stirling Falls

Stirling Falls, New Zealand

Stirling Falls. Photo: Herry Lawford