How To Save Your Business Money & Time with Amazon Business + Reach New Buyers

How To Save Your Business Money & Time with Amazon Business + Reach New Buyers

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More and more business – including small businesses – are taking advantage of Amazon’s massive resources to leverage for their own business by using Amazon Business.

To be able to create a system that could rival that of Amazon’s would cost your business in the millions – possibly billions. Out of the question for the vast majority of corporations, let alone small and family owned businesses.

You might ask: is Amazon Business something that would benefit me and my business, and help grow the business, improve effeciency, cut costs, save time, and ultimately grow profits or allow the money you save to be used where it’s really needed?

More than 5 million businesses around the world have asked the same thing, and decided that YES; Amazon Business is a seriously good investment that pays itself off over and over again with time and money savings.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a tiny business with just a few employees, or a large corporation. Amazon’s ability to create resources and tools for any and all business needs gives it the edge of any other platform.

What exactly is Amazon Business?

The core purpose of Amazon Business is to provide wholesale office supplies and B2B solutions. Your business or organization (inlcuding non-profits) could benefit by using either or both of these solutions whcih take advantage of Amazon’s massive established infrastucture and supply lines. Let’s look at these two services in more details:

Wholesale Office Supplies with Amazon Business

Amazon is the world’s leading retailer and your business or organization can save extensive time and money by tapping into the Amazon Business platform and infrastucture for everything from office and IT supplies, bulk supplies, industrial, medical, beauty supplies and much more. Amazon Business calls it “Earth’s largest selection of business supplies” – your business benefits by taking advatange of Amazon’s tried and true supply and delivery sevrice for everything your business needs. Ultimaely, your business becomes more effecient as all your supplies are taken care of by Amazon Business – from the most commonly bought items down to the very hard to find items that you’ll struggle to find elsewhere, let alone at prices Amazon can deliver.

Businesses can save considerable money and time by purchasing supplies in bulk through Amazon Business.

As you would expect, Amazon Business is focused on fast and effecieint delivery of your business supply orders. Shiping is reliable beacuse Amazon can stay well stocked on every item, unlike other retailers who may have to order from suppliers; leaving you waiting on that important delivery.

Exclusive product collections for business only: Amazon Business regularly updates its inventory of millions of products you can purchase through your Business account, but more than this is the access you will get to collections that are only avaible to Amazon Business customers. These exclusive business supplies can not be found anywhere else on the Amazon network unless you have an Amazon Business account.

B2B Solutions with Amazon Business

Everyone knows that AMazon is the world’s biggest retailer, but what benefits can they provide in the B2B space? It turns out: a lot. This is a big focus of Amazon Business and the goal is to provide you and your business with powerful tools that make it easier and faster to sell to other businesses (B2B sales) while gaining access to new buyers and customers.

If all this sounds complicated, it is not. Put simply: Amazon is the biggest and best platform in the world to sell your products on. Without Amazon, you are on your own trying to find buyers at a small scale. Amazon opens up the whole world of buyers to you. Amazon Business currently has hundreds of thousands of businesses selling through them in a huge range of industries. Not one of these businesses would be using the Amazon Business platform to reach new buyers if it was not profitable. Fact is: businesses are profiting big by selling through Amazon Business because the scale the Amazon platform allows simply can not be achieved on your own without a massive investment in infrastucture and markeitng.

Who is Amazon Business suitable for?

Just about any sector and any size business can reap the benefits of the Amazon Business platform. And we mean just about anyone: Amazon Business is currently being used with great success by businesses ranging from small ecommerce startups, to multinational corporations like Citi, Uber and Chevron.

Many organzations and businesses use Amazon Business not only to expand to new buyers and customers, but to save money for their business.

One example which is an independent school district in Houston, Texas who has utilized Amazon Business to their advantage, resulting in a saving of over $150,000 each year. How did they do this? It’s simple: by switching their office and classroom supply purchases to run through the Amazon Business process which includes Business Prime for delivery, their previously expensive purchasing costs were signifncaitly decreased. Time has also been saved thanks to the smooth and effecient process of product selection, purchase and delivery. With over 47 schools to take care of, the distrct needed a solution that streamlined the ordering of critical school and office supplies across every school in the district, rather than each school having their own separate ordering process. THe substantial amount of time saved by doing this through Amazon Business has no doubt saved the district tens of thousands of extra dollars annually in employee labor hours. Their employees can now spend more time doing the important tasks that matter. The process of ordering school supplies is now fast and simple for teachers who can easily choose the very best products for their own school and classroom.

The products themselves have cost the school district 30% less than their previous supplier process, resulting in signifciant savings.

How can Amazon Business benefit my business?

There are so many aspects to Amazon Business, and how you choose to use it will depend on what your business needs. But one of the major goals of the platform is to help you grow your B2B sales and reach new customers.

How you can grow your B2B sales with Amazon Business

How Amazon Business can help you reach new buyers

Amazon Business boasts over 1 million business buyers worldwide. By having your business become a third-party seller through Amazon Business you get access to millions of sales opportunities that would simply not be available to you without Amazon’s massive network and infrastructure.

What’s the cost of Amazon Business?

You can sign up for a free Amazon Business account today.